Shelters on the move

Off site fabrication and modular design taken to the extreme… Skýli is the name of a trekking cabin designed by Utopia Arkitekter. The original concept was developed to be easily transported to remote locations along some of the most famous trekking trails on Iceland. Skýli of course means shelter in Icelandic, but this charcteristic building

Gateway to South African innovation

Jeremy Steere Architect created this landmark design at the entrance to a new RBIDZ industrial estate in Richards Bay, South Africa. The folding concrete roof line references the KwaZulu-Natal’s symbolic fish eagle, part of the municipality’s emblem. Commissioned by the provincial KwaZulu-Natal government as its business entity, the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone is a

Moving walls in Shanghai

The Bund Finance Centre in Shanghai employs a unique facade that moves to reveal new spaces in the building’s interior. This screen design was a collaboration between Foster & Partners, Heatherwick Studio and local engineers form Tongji University. The screen is layered in three tracks with “tassels,” between 2 and 16m in length and symbolic