An Architect’s school by Tadao Ando #architecture

In 2013, Tadao Ando, the celebrated Japanese Architect, created a new art, design and architecture school for the University of Monterrey in Mexico. The Centro Roberto Garza Sada, christened the “gate of creation” during design, provides the school with amphitheatres, studio and workshop spaces together with two galleries that display the lauded designer’s work. The

A contemporary Gaudi ? #architecture

Located on the Vejle Fjord, HavneĂžen is a Gaudi styled building. Fjordenhus (Fjord House) is Studio Olafur Eliasson’s first building and houses Kirk Kapital’s company HQ. The building is as much a work of art as the crafted pieces it contains. Craftsmanship The organic architecture is formed from a series of masonry curves with geometric

The Trailer Home reinvented #architecture #innovation

Invisible Studio have developed an affordable “house” using locally sourced timber and construction waste. The structure is relocatable using a trailer. Simplicity The Envelope is simply constructed using corrugated fibreglass and steel with the interior faced with plywood previously used for concrete shuttering. Natural light is provided to the interior via polycarbonate sheeting. The Architects

From Russia with architecture #design #urbandesign

ZHA’s competition winning architecture for Novorossiysk, Russia. Located in one of the country’s largest shipping ports it features exhibition space, conferences and recreation space in an overall complex of more than 300,000 sqm.   simultaneously considers multiple iterations including program, orientation, environment, height and volume. This parametric model enables designers and stakeholders to accommodate the