#Thunderbolt Display is alive!

My previous posts, Here and again here explored the issue and various published fixes for what seems a common problem for our expensive Apple investments. Many posts explain the issue as the display entering “hibernation” mode as an energy saver. Now this is a great but not much use when all you have is a silver and black

Batch change #mac file permissions

Why? There are (frustrating) times when managing files, such as when copying or moving files between different user computers, that these files can become locked and can result not being able to open or edit the files on the destination computer. Changing the file permissions is sometimes a solution to removing these restrictions. The following

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#Fix for #Apple system errors

Why? If you find that you are experiencing ongoing issues with your Mac system such as the following Speaker volume Screen resolution Startup disk selection Recent kernel panic information then resetting the system “PRAM” (Parameter Random Access Memory) and “NVRAM” (Non-Volative Random Access Memory) may be a solution. I recently carried out a full reset