@apple new cross platform file system

APFS – Apple File System (Cult of Mac) Apple has quietly updated the filing system behind both its macOS and iOS platforms and suggests closer integration of the two systems in the future. The headlines: Optimized for flash and solid state storage Suitable for mobile devices Strong encryption capabilities The “Cult of Mac” article below

A #SuperDuper! update

SuperDuper is the wildly acclaimed program that makes recovery painless, because it makes creating a fully bootable backup painless. Its incredibly clear, friendly interface is understandable, easy to use, and SuperDuper’s built-in scheduler makes it trivial to back up automatically. It’s the perfect complement to Time Machine, allowing you to store a bootable backup alongside

App review: Duet Display

Purpose: iPad as an additional Mac display I sometimes use my iPad Pro as a second screen to my 13″ MacBook Pro for design applications when away from my iMac set up.   Ex-Apple Engineers turn your iPad into an extra display. Now for Mac & PC. Developer’s webpage review by MacStories – Frederico Viticci &