@DEVONthink Pro Office – importing data

So now you have committed to one of the DEVONthink Office products and have decided on a database structure that works for you and your information. The next step is to start using the application in your day to day routines, building the database as the “go to” location for all your information. Before I committed

#devonthink – office database sync

DEVONthink Pro Office became a real contender when I reviewed their iOS companion app, DEVONthink To Go. This provides an iOS version of the application and at this time provides some of the essential tools for note taking, photo management and webpage archiving. I wrote the draft of this blog post in the iOS app

@devonthink – the new #evernote

I have previously posted my frustrations about Evernote (see my previous post here) and I have been looking for a suitable alternative for some time. The reason I was a Premium subscriber was due to the significant numbers of notes, documents, images and sketches and web links that I manage. A lot of this information

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#iOS free ink s

If you download Apple’s own Apple Store app, that has recently been updated, you get an App Store voucher to redeem to download Inks by State of Play Games by an award winning developer. Have fun! Share this reboot

Happy Birthday to #hazel and @noodlesoft

Check out noodlesoft’s 50% off birthday gift to everyone…but move quickly! The developer’s note reads… Ten years ago today, Hazel 1.0 was released. It’s gone through many changes over the years, includings its price. To celebrate Hazel’s 10 Year Anniversary, I am offering Hazel at its 2006 price: $16 (that’s 50% off!)…No special code or link.

#evernote transfer to OneNote

Following my previous post on trasitioning away from Evernote, #evernote graveyard, Microsoft’s OneNote now provides another alternative to consider. Microsoft have now released an Importer tool to make this move easier. In order to transfer your notes from Evernote to OneNote, follow the following steps: Download the OneNote import tool Launch the App and let

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#evernote graveyard ?

Engadget (Devinda Hardawar) have published this interview with Evernote’s CEO Chris O’Neill. I have quoted the following statement from O’Neill as a reaction to recent unrest from Evernote users following recent pricing changes. We have an obligation to our users to be a sustaining company that lasts forever. We call it Evernote for a reason.

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