#Howto …batch sort photos & videos #silentsifter #photos #osx #Mac #apple

Do you have thousands of photos or videos that you need to sort and rename? If you are trying to manage your photos and videos…

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#Howto …use Instagram on your Mac #instagram #iMac #MacBook #apple #photo

As with many mobile apps, sometimes the only access to your stuff from a Mac is via Safari. You can simply log in here which enables…

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@devontech fix for DEVONthink Pro Office

Some of you may have noticed an issue with launching DEVONthink Pro office recently. This is a little concerning at first as the app fails…

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#Apple improves Pages, Numbers & Keynote

Apple recently updated its iWork suite and these iOS, macOS and iCloud apps now offer a new library of 500 professionally drawn shapes. In addition…

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@1password new Travel Mode – security & privacy for travellers

I am a huge fan of 1password as the best cross platform password manager out there. I have been a user for several years and…

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@Facebook Workplace for Teams

There is a growing trend for enterprise scale applications that connect organizations and teams to digitally collaborate. Facebook is moving in to the teams collaboration…

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Some @apple free stuff

Pages (word processor)  Numbers (spreadsheets)  Keynote (presentations) Garageband (music creation studio) iMovie (movie creation studio) …are now available to download from the App Store for…

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Return to @Apple #reminders

It was inevitable as soon as it was announced that Microsoft acquired Wunderlist in June  2015, that the demise of the fantastic, fast syncing productivity…

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#Howto …create and share fun videos #clips #apple

Introducing Clips. A new iOS app for making and sharing fun videos with text, effects, graphics and more. Apple First impressions: typically Apple – simple, intuitive and…

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@Apple adds #iPad Support to Remote App

Finally! Apple’s Remote app Share this reboot

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Instapaper outage

As we shared earlier today, Instapaper is experiencing an extended outage. After 31 hours of downtime, we were able to rebuild a database instance to…

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A #SuperDuper! update

SuperDuper is the wildly acclaimed program that makes recovery painless, because it makes creating a fully bootable backup painless. Its incredibly clear, friendly interface is…

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#Howto … use #DEVONthink with #apple notes integration

The developer is really investing in this great application (see my previous blog posts). Now the latest update provides the ability to export your notes…

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#DEVONthink Pro Office – podcasts

Since the introduction of an updated iOS app for DEVONthink and the new secure sync options, there have been a number of reviews and discussion…

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Chronosync – an alternative to Time Machine for #backup

I have used Apple’s Time Machine ever since I started using a Mac. Fortunately to date I have not a major disk failure that required…

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App review: SG Project Pro

Purpose: Professional scheduling and gantt charts SG Project Pro is the flagship of the SG suite and is the only Mac app that provides a…

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@1Password for Mac on new MacBook Pros

1Password for Mac gets support for Touch Bar & Touch ID on new MacBook Pro Share this reboot

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App review: @netnewswire

Purpose: News aggregator I use this application as my current RSS reader. I moved back to Netnewswire from Reeder once it had developed a reliable…

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App review: Duet Display

Purpose: iPad as an additional Mac display I sometimes use my iPad Pro as a second screen to my 13″ MacBook Pro for design applications…

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@DEVONthink Pro Office – exporting data

As I have previously posted, the lack of functionality in Evernote to export information from the application was one of the main reasons I made…

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@DEVONthink Pro Office – importing data

So now you have committed to one of the DEVONthink Office products and have decided on a database structure that works for you and your…

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#dropbox gets #iOS10 integration

Dropbox has updated its iOS apps with host of new features that will improve your workflows on your iPhone or iPad.   Share this reboot

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@DEVONthink Pro Office – database management 

Getting started Once you have made the commitment to using DEVONthink office as your “everything bucket,” the very first step is consider how best to…

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#devonthink – office database sync

DEVONthink Pro Office became a real contender when I reviewed their iOS companion app, DEVONthink To Go. This provides an iOS version of the application…

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@devonthink – the new #evernote

I have previously posted my frustrations about Evernote (see my previous post here) and I have been looking for a suitable alternative for some time.…

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clean up your #apple home screen in #iOS10

In Apple’s latest update to their iOS, you now have the option to remove some of the built-in apps that Apple pre-install. Remove an Apple…

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#iOS free ink s

If you download Apple’s own Apple Store app, that has recently been updated, you get an App Store voucher to redeem to download Inks by State…

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Happy Birthday to #hazel and @noodlesoft

Check out noodlesoft’s 50% off birthday gift to everyone…but move quickly! The developer’s note reads… Ten years ago today, Hazel 1.0 was released. It’s gone through…

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#evernote transfer to OneNote

Following my previous post on trasitioning away from Evernote, #evernote graveyard, Microsoft’s OneNote now provides another alternative to consider. Microsoft have now released an Importer…

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#evernote graveyard ?

Engadget (Devinda Hardawar) have published this interview with Evernote’s CEO Chris O’Neill. I have quoted the following statement from O’Neill as a reaction to recent…

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