Sustainable Community Housing that makes a difference


In these times of housing crisis for most developing regions, there is also a similar challenge to provide affordable housing in the developed countries as the affordability gap stretches first time buyers or low income families.

So it is a welcome site to see a public body take the lead to provide new housing to meet this need and then inspiring for this housing to meet sustainable standards. Read More…

How to shoot great travel photos

travel photography
Most people nowadays will use a smartphone as their camera of choice, readily available and easy to use, the phone is the most prevalent device for day to day photography. In fact, some industry commentators suggest that the cameras on today’s top end smartphones could mean that they will replace the need for a mirrorless camera or DSLR. Read More…

Planned obsolescence - all change

Willy Loman, Arthur Miller's character in the classic "Death of a Salesman" bemoaned,

“Once in my life I would like to own something outright before it’s broken! I’m always in a race with the junkyard! I just finished paying for the car and it’s on its last legs. The refrigerator consumes belts like a goddam maniac. They time those things. They time them so when you finally paid for them, they’re used up.”

Unfortunately the "built in expiry date" of many of our products, is not a thing of fiction but the reality of commercialism. Manufacturers continue in business because we have to replace goods and products in a relatively short period of time. Read More…

African urbanization


It is widely predicted that the future of many African nations will be urbanization with the population moving to cities from the rural communities that they currently reside in. Statistically 15% of Africans were living in cities in 1960 but that is now 40% with the pace of change exceeding European transition and the proportion exceeding that of Southern Asia. Read More…

How to airplay your music library in MacOS Catalina

Apple Earbuds
Have you recently updated to MacOS Catalina and want to airplay your music library? Read More…

Visit Florence in Italy - a Renaissance City


We recently visited Florence in Italy - the birthplace of the Renaissance Movement. A beautiful City, rich in culture and history.

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A new way to reduce greenhouse gas

pollutionA laboratory in Ontario is developing a new way to reduce greenhouse gas. Read More…

Magnetic North is on the move!

The location of the World Magnetic North has changed…and it’s moving quicker than before.

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An Architect's school by Tadao Ando

Ando school 3
In 2013, Tadao Ando, the celebrated Japanese Architect, created a new art, design and architecture school for the University of Monterrey in Mexico. Read More…

We can solve homelessness

Finland think differently about this issue.homeless

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