Urban design

African urbanization


It is widely predicted that the future of many African nations will be urbanization with the population moving to cities from the rural communities that they currently reside in. Statistically 15% of Africans were living in cities in 1960 but that is now 40% with the pace of change exceeding European transition and the proportion exceeding that of Southern Asia. Read More…

Centro Botin by Renzo Piano

Centro Botin_1
The Fundación Marcelino Botín was created in 1964 by Marcelino Botín Sanz de Sautuola and his wife, Carmen Yllera, to promote social development in Cantabria. Read More…

Escape underground to beat congestion?

You have to think differently about the problems we face in a world today wth an ever expanding population and challenges to grow our infrastructure to cope. Read More…

Future cities will adapt to our needs with data

Adaptive Architecture of "Sensory digital infrastructure" as UNSense describes it, will use data to adapt and adjust our living environment to our changing needs. A "technology that adapts to its users."
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Electric change on every level

With the advent of new battery innovation and the design evolution of the electric vehicle, our supporting infrastructure also needs to make change. COBE is an Architect's firm that is reinventing the archetypal gas station. Read More…

Historical reflection

The Milestone is a 12 storey, mixed use space creating an anchor on a public square in Neue Weststadt, Esslingen, Germany. Read More…

A sustainable city from new

The new Indian state capital of Amaravati will be “one of the most sustainable in the world.” Read More…

From Russia with architecture

ZHA's competition winning architecture for Novorossiysk, Russia.

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