3D imaging technology to rescue art at risk

Advanced 3D imaging technology is now being used to identify deterioration in fine paintings. Read More…

Light art & the new flower people

Painted art_1
teamLab are digital artists located in Tokyo, Singapore and Shanghai. Their work transcends traditional definitions and is ever changing as projected images and coloured lights interplay with those who interact with the installation. Read More…

Interlacing light & movement


Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Janet Enchelman's sculpture hangs over the Plaza Mayor as complex net structure of engineered coloured fibres that are inter-connected and fastened together. The art installation gains fluidity by moving with the breeze and then a canvas for projected light at night. Read More…

Recycled art



Designed by Ben Van Berkel, UNStudio, these amazing organic structures were conceived from recycled material the "Revolution Precrafted" pavilion.

Read More…