We can solve homelessness

Finland think differently about this issue.homeless

Finland are leading the way in solving homelessness in their urban centres.

The Scandinavian country has been dealing with this issue for over thirty years and was faced with more than 18,000 people without an a place to live back in 1987.

Since then that number has been significantly reduced and in 2017 that number is closer to 6,000. Of the 30% that remain classified as homeless, most of those are actually temporary housed or living with friends and family.

Housing First

The Finnish Government use a "Housing First" strategy and provides accommodation and an address for all of those displaced people.

Social housing in Finland

This support housing is open to anyone irrespective of their background, condition or addition. The only condition is that they are required to engage with community support workers.

Award winning approach

Breaking the cycle of disadvantage ...

By providing this support network, the Finns are able to break the cycle of chronic homelessness and its causes. In time everyone is provided with treatment, education, training and even employment.

The cost for the housing and these social services is state funding through housing benefits.

Crucially, no one is ever asked to leave...