Space travel propulsion is here

While Elon Musk is launching cars in to space, NASA remain focussed on the future of space travel. Read More…

Room with a view

Next time you are in Tokyo, think differently and check in to BnA Studio Akihabara, a hotel with rooms that are crafted by Japanese artists.

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Uber flying innovation over Paris

Elon Musk and Richard Branson are taking us underground in their hyperloops but Uber is taking autonomous vehicles to the skies with their concept for flying taxis.

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High adventure over a volcano

Imagine the experience of being able to float high above a thinkdifferently

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Sustainable flood protection

NOAQ, a Swedish Company have innovated with a sustainable solution to combat an increasingly common natural disaster.

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5 x applewatch force touch tips

Apple's iOS and watchOS operating systems have utilized "force touch" for some time but this functionality goes deeper than you think on the AppleWatch. Read More…

Teaching with Bamboo

This amazing sustainable structure is a Lecture Hall in Yangshan, Wuxi, China. Read More…

A sustainable city from new

The new Indian state capital of Amaravati will be “one of the most sustainable in the world.” Read More…

A disaster emoji

We are not sure how many of us would reach for our phones in a natural disaster rather than prioritize our safety but one scientist has identified that social media may be a useful early warning tool.

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Hope for the future and innovation

These four inspiring young entrepreneurs were highlighted by the BBC's Zaria Gorvett. Read More…

A taste of design in a single malt

At the heart of the Macallan estate in Speyside, Scotland, is a new design for a distillery that has been crafting whisky for almost 200 years. Read More…

Interlacing light & movement


Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Janet Enchelman's sculpture hangs over the Plaza Mayor as complex net structure of engineered coloured fibres that are inter-connected and fastened together. The art installation gains fluidity by moving with the breeze and then a canvas for projected light at night. Read More…

Smart cycle safety from your wrist

This is a smart bike helmet that features the safety elements of lighting, brake lights and turn signals to highlight a cyclist intentions to drivers at night.

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The future of international trade

Virgin Hyperloop and DP World are partnering to utilize the Hyperloop technology to deliver cargo in ultra fast time. This makes even more sense than transporting passengers in our view and could revolutionize trade and transportation around the world. Read More…