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We are not sure how many of us would reach for our phones in a natural disaster rather than prioritize our safety but one scientist has identified that social media may be a useful early warning tool.

Dr Stephen Hicks, a seismologist from the University of Southampton in the UK, has launched a competition to find an world wide recognized “earthquake” social media emoji.

Maybe up to one third of the world’s population might be exposed to some [seismological] hazard…

Dr. Hicks

The Mission

A Global search to find and develop a new internationally recognized Emoji for earthquakes


The website sets out the parameters of this social media design competition,

Evocative. An iconic representation of earthquakes, that clearly represents the process and/or effect of earth shaking (e.g. ground shaking, building damage/collapse, etc).

Simple. The design should have as little complexity as possible, so that it will remain easily recognisable even at very small sizes.

Universal. It should be easily understood across language and cultures.

Distinctive. It should be distinct from any other emoji in the Unicode list.”



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