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Trying to simply clean up our plastic waste and pollution is not enough. One group, led by Ellen MacArthur, are working hard to change attitudes and our approach to this worldwide crisis.

In 2005, Ellen MacArthur sailed around the globe and made history. She was awarded the “Dame Commander of the order of the British Empire” that year and was recognized as a Knight (Chevalier) in 2008.

This incredible achievement sits alongside the tireless work she does with the “Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust” which rebuilds the confidence of young people suffering from cancer, leukaemia and other serious illnesses through sailing adventures.

So when in 2009, Ellen launched the “Ellen MacArthur Foundation,” aimed at changing attitudes towards plastic waste, many have listened and supported. The Foundation has partnered with well known companies including Google, IKEA and the Electronics giant, Philips, to accelerate the transition from the “linear” processes we use know which lead to endless waste; to a “circular” economy where what we use is reused, bringing balance back to the natural world.

Their team works with businesses around the world to not just talk about the need for change but to develop “scalable circular business initiatives” that show how it can be done.

“Applying circular economy principles could unlock up to EUR 1.8 trillion of value for Europe’s economy. Business plays a central role in creating the systemic change required to reap the financial benefits of this transition”

They also take this message to Governments around the world to help policy makers create the legal frameworks for our communities to change.

But they haven’t stopped here, the foundation also works with higher education institutions and schools to incorporate circular economy into curriculums, to help educate the next generation in the need to be more sustainable.

The learning hub on the foundations website, EllenMacArthurfoundation.org, is a great place to begin understanding the idea of circular economy and how we need to change our behaviours and attitudes, if we are going to deal with the climate crisis our planet is facing.

It is inspiring that MacArthur did not just stop at achieving in the world of sailing, but went on to bring hope to those suffering chronic illness and is now helping the world make change in this time of climate crisis. We encourage you to take a look at the EllenMacArthur foundation website and to think differently about what you can do to help fight climate change.

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