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Sharing my journey as I continue my recovery from a quadruple heart bypass. It has been an interesting few weeks.

My father, who lives back in England, messaged me to say he had been to hospital for tests which eventually had identified that he ...

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Well it's been three weeks now since I went back to work following my heart surgery and time away to recover and it's going okay...

The "welcome back" reception that I have had from friends and colleagues has been amazing. I don't think I truly ...

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Email has become the default for communication for many of us in recent years. It seems to have even stopped us talking to each other. The fact that many email applications have a “conversation” view for your inbox just shows that many will send an email rather ...

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I am writing this on my last weekend before I return to work after three months off recovering from a quadruple heart bypass.

I can actually say that for the most part I have no pain at the moment. I am able to move freely and without restriction and ...

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Life Design

As I use my "clarify" and "review" processes in my GTD (Getting Things Done) workflow, I still need to make sure that I actually have the time to do the tasks and projects that I plan for.

I have a demanding schedule in my professional ...

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Living in the moment

So I now have overall clarity of what I have to do, when and how I need to do it and I have the time set aside to complete my things to do, leaving me to work through my tasks and complete my projects. This is how I get my work done with the reward that ...

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Living in the moment

So far I have shared my Collect, Clarify and Organize steps in my GTD based productivity process. When I keep the discipline, as I “preach” about in my previous posts, this process works great for me. There is nothing more rewarding than getting to the end of ...


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