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A new way

As hinted over the last few posts my recovery from open heart surgery is leading up to expectations of change. These are my first thoughts on how and what a transition could look like for me.

Recovery continues

I will continue to share progress with my recovery as before and with medical appointments coming up next week, I hope to have something new to share.

In the meantime, it remains slow and steady with not much noticeable change in recent days. I continue to maintain a routine, I am able to walk a 2kms or a few blocks from our City pad; and any pain comes and goes but given what I have been through, is just something I grit my teeth and get through.

I am still struggling to sleep but look forward to stretching my mind in the coming weeks on this transition back to “life” and my new normal. Hopefully that will help tire me.

My hope

Some of you who have been following my writing will notice a new home for the “from the heart” posts. I have integrated my posts into my main website, which I design and manage day to day as a hobby.

One of the main reasons for this change is the opportunity to use “rebootme” as a platform to not only follow my recovery and transition back to life but to now expand the story to include some of the tactics from my past experience that I am anticipate using to help me "reinvent" myself. I have developed many tools and systems that are personal to me that I will consider using again as part of my own “reboot” to the new me.

In the same way that my sharing of the experience of open heart surgery I hope to help others in the future; I see an opportunity to help others identify and make changes to keep their own balance in life. Achieving their goals without having to sacrifice their health through life style choices that don’t work or, as for me, have life threatening consequences.

I must respect my health this time. I cannot simply pick up where I left off.

So “” is to develop in to a hub to also share personal experiences of successful techniques and strategies to maintain a life balance, setting the right priorities, defining relevant boundaries and most certainly defining work-life balance.

Using my own journey as a reference point in part, I envisage to be a place for “life design” for others to review and potentially embrace.

Let’s see how this goes but I hope I can encourage you to keep coming back to check out my progress or otherwise. In time I hope to get some feedback on the site to start a conversation about the importance of balance; and for others to share their experiences with life.

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