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That was 2020

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It’s the morning on New Year’s Eve 2020 as I share these thoughts. It has been a challenging year for everyone with the pandemic. A year that has tested our resilience in our families and communities.

For me, 2020 has been the hardest year in my life, from the loss of a close family member at the start of the year and other family accidents and challenges; through to coping with the impact and disruption of the pandemic on my work life; and then my coronary heart disease diagnosis and the open heart surgery that followed.

This life changing event for me has led to reprioritize my life and to redefining what’s really important in my life; and it has also changed my viewpoint on what I share with others. I feel now that I want to express myself more openly, share how I am feeling and to spend more time considering how those around me are doing too. Previously I had always set up mental barriers around me and fought to set boundaries between my professional and private life. In hindsight this brought me stress and diverted my energies from doing something positive or simply just “living in the moment.”

So with my new personal mantra to embrace each day and live in the now, I have brought a new balance to this website and intend to continue to share my ongoing recovery and how I am getting on with the changes I know I want to make in my life. I hope this content shift works for our visitors too and in time I look forward to engaging and supporting others going through their own life challenges. (Please share your comments below if you feel comfortable)

And with these thoughts, I look forward to 2021 and what it may bring and to what I can make of it. For my family, friends, colleagues, I hope for a year that we will all be physically and mentally healthy; and that in time we will get to spend time together as we used to.

In order to get there, let's all have community in mind in 2021 and strictly follow the guidance designed to keep us safe during this pandemic for the better good of everyone.

Happy New Year!

Friday December 25th, 2020


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