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As I use my "clarify" and "review" processes in my GTD (Getting Things Done) workflow, I still need to make sure that I actually have the time to do the tasks and projects that I plan for.

I have a demanding schedule in my professional life with Client meetings, design sessions and management calls. As a result my own availability to do my work changes each day around these other commitments. I have found that the best way for me to get my work done is to block dedicated time each day in my schedule.

This process is called micro-scheduling or block-scheduling and it is an approach that is widely used by many out there as a productivity tool.

As before, my own approach is digitally based and I use the calendar app on my Mac to schedule blocks of time. I can then see how this time fits with my meetings and calls to ensure that I don't have any clashes. The beauty of using an app is that it is easily changed, should my schedule need to adjust.

So to bring this together my full workflow is to carry out the collect, clarify, organize, review and engage steps using Omnifocus and then to use my Digital calendar to block working time each day a week at a time. By having my prioritized list on one side and my availably on the other, I can align my work to do with the time I have to do it.

This short screencast shows how simple this can be.

Other tools

Of course you can still do this approach using a diary of weekly planner and a written list of things to do. While it will not be that flexible to move things around should your schedule or priorities change; you can still make sure that you have time set aside to do work during your week and that this aligns with your list of things to do.

Please share in the main page comments how you get your work done.

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