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So I now have overall clarity of what I have to do, when and how I need to do it and I have the time set aside to complete my things to do, leaving me to work through my tasks and complete my projects. This is how I get my work done with the reward that at the end of the day my plate is clear and the next day is lined up for the next achievable things to do.

For me, this system works beautifully most of the time but there are moments when it breaks. I have learned, the hard way, that the most important thing to do is not to panic, to be honest with myself that a fix is needed and then to set aside time to overhaul my system and get myself back on track. Look out for a separate post on how I do this.

That aside, I keep Omnifocus, as my productivity tool, visible to me throughout my day, whether on my Mac, on my iPad in meetings or on my iPhone if I am mobile. Equally your paper notebook or your stickies work just as well if you have collected, clarified, organized and reviewed everything in one place.

I encourage you to check out a future screencast on micro-scheduling which may also be a useful process to do in parallel to this GTD methodology if like me, you have multiple projects and a busy schedule to manage.

As I reflect on how to improve the balance in my personal and professional life, I will need to have certain "anchors" or "constants" that I rely on so that I can use my time productively and for what I want to do. I know that I need to use my productivity systems as one of those "anchors" to stand any chance of getting my work done and feeling like I have achieved.

Keep the discipline

I know I keep repeating this but I am going to say it again if only so I too listen up and take notice...any productivity process will only work really well if I and you not only keep the discipline to use it each and every day but also simply stated,

Make time to do actually do the work you have on your plate.

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